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    Things You Should Consider Before a #GirlsTrip

    Have you seen the epic movie Girls Trip starring Set it Off legends Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, the amazing Regina George and upcoming actress Tiffany Haddish? If not…if those acronyms didn’t convince you then it’s a MUST SEE! The funny thing is I was on my first/second #GirlsTrip when this movie came out in the same place that it was filmed. Ironic right?! Either way… Although this was my first official girls trip… I learned A LOT about the whole process and here’s a few things that you should know before you plan your next girls trip.

    1. Think wisely about the people you invite.

    Everyone is not compatible. Repeat after me. EVERYONE IS NOT COMPATIBLE. Just because everyone may have mutual friends or have been in the same compacity before doesn’t mean they will fit well when it comes to vacationing. Multiple personailities WILL clash unless they match. Do people still read horoscopes?!

    1. Have an open communication outlet

    Start a group text, what’s app, group me, DM or something that will allow everyone to converse at once. You want to give the same amount of information so that you can answer similar questions and provide as much information as you can at once. It will make the process much easier for you and your girls.

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    1. Create an Itinerary

    Make plans! You don’t want to leave a vacation that is strictly “What are we gonna do?” because when have we as women come to conclusion in a timely manner? Once you have your communication outlet, find out what your girls would want to do. Try to accommodate as much as you can and add your own ideas, once you have a set itinerary, share it with the girls so that they can have their finances in order.

    1. Establish Ground Rules

    YES, Ground rules. You’re sending out a itinerary before hand, so there will be no arguing or cat fights. Remind everyone to be open to one another & to not judge, especially if there will be people who do not know one another on this trip.

    1. Remember the point of “VACATION”

    *Girls just wanna have funnnnnn uh ohhhh* I don’t know who sings that song but that’s the point of vacation! Let loose! Have fun! If you are planning the trip, it’s hard to enjoy it because you are worried about everyone else but don’t let that deter you from having a great trip.

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    It’s time to have a #GirlsTrip! If you want a stress free experience, let me provide that for you. Email: for more information.

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