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3 Masks From Shea Moisture That You Must Try

*Disclaimer* I was not paid to due this review and I purchased these product(s) with my own money. The company being reviewed was not contacted about my review of this product(s) and the review is based solely on my personal experience.



Are you ready to start a skincare routine to get your face poppin for the new year? Do you have one already but need something more catered to your skin? Facial Masks are a perfect start to reach the goal of poppin’ skin and I’ve tried three different masks from my fav Shea Moisture.

Before I begin, I’d like to let you know that my skin is dry/very dry and I have eczema so I’m very weary about the products that I try. Not only do I have dry skin but when I breakout, it’s pretty intense… so I tried to find some facial masks that can take care of my many problems.

Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask

This was the first mask that I picked up from Ulta. I wasn’t using it consistently at first but when I started to (once a week) I did notice a difference in my skin that lasted about a day or two. It smells DELICIOUS and if you are looking for something to pick your skin up after a long day then this is a good purchase. I recommend letting it stay on until it hardens for the best effects.

African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

This mask was my second purchase. I have dark spots on my face and I am currently looking for ways to get rid of these blemishes. After the first use, I wasn’t moved by this product. It smells great… but I felt like It didn’t make my face feel like WOW afterwards. (idk where WOW came from but it’s a feeling, okay?!) Now the second time that I used this product(because I don’t waste money honey) It started to improve my blemishes, a tad bit. I don’t think they necessarily went away but my acne did so it worked! I did notice that I had to use the right products with it… black soap to cleanse my face and a thick moisturizer.

Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mask

My favorite mask so far.   I use shea butter to moisturize and for my hair and as I was in Target wondering how I could use it on my face, I picked up the facial scrub(which I’ll review later) and this mask from Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter line. I used this mask this week and two words: SO POPPIN’. I immediately felt hydrated afterwards. My face felt so fresh afterwards and I love anything that immediately hydrates so if your skin type is similar to mines… this is a must purchase.

I just want our skin to pop severely in 2017! In order to be #SlayingSeventeen, we have to invest in a skincare regimen. Pick one up today gal!

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