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#SavingSeventeen Challenge

Did you come into 2017 with money in the bank? Could you live for a couple weeks if you lose your job tomorrow? These are questions that I had to ask myself as I came into the new year. As a junior in college, my class schedule is starting to get hectic so securing a full time job is almost impossible. Regardless of the hectic life of a college student, WE CAN SAVE! Whether you make $7.25 or $15 an hour, saving a portion of it will help us in the future and our futures will be poppin’ right?

I’d like you to join me in the #SAVINGSEVENTEEN Challenge.. We will be saving over $1000 this year! Imagine new years eve, counting down to 2018 knowing you have a STACK in your bank account! WOO! I’m excited!

Download the #SavingSeventeenChallenge and print it out for your vision board or screenshot below!

Make sure you comment and let me know that you’re in with me!

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