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#BBB Asim Supreme Products


Recently I did a poll on Twitter asking followers if they would like a review from a small black business from me? and the results were YASSSSSS! So I will now be starting #BougieBlackBusiness where I will be promoting a black business and giving my HONEST review about it. I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m disowning other businesses because I’m not.. but it’s time for us to learn more about businesses abroad and support our people because at the end of the day… who got us like we got us besides Jesus? I’ll wait.

Our 1st #BougieBlackBusiness is Asim Supreme Products! I found out about Asim Supreme Products about a year ago while strolling through Twitter and I made a purchase while he was having a sale. (I said He, because of his twitter presence) I used it here and there but ultimately fell in love with the Golden Shea Butter! Right before Christmas, I decided to make another purchase of Golden Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and the Black Soap Body Wash.

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Golden Shea Butter


I luhhhhhhh this shea butter. As I mentioned before, I have dry skin and eczema and this butter is perfect. I use it twice a day to moisturize after showers and my skin feels great. I have some scars from a recent allergic reaction and they do seem to be clearing up. I gave it a 9/10 because the jar is small!

Coconut Oil


Perfect Price. Perfect Size. I mean, it’s coconut oil. What else do you want to know?

Black Soap Body Wash


I’ve been using this daily and it is HARD for me to find something that doesn’t dry my skin out. (I’m faithful to Dove and Nivea) so I was hesitant on purchasing this product. After a couple days, I grew to like it. It’s refreshing and my only problem with it is the initial smell… It smells like a man’s cologne. It may be me. Idk. But the smell goes away once you moisturize, etc. so it’s okay.

Want to try them out?

*Disclaimer* I was not paid to do this review and I purchased these product(s) with my own money. The company being reviewed was not contacted about my review of this product(s) and the review is based solely on my personal experience.


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