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Are REAL friends in style?

For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing my relationships with people and realizing that I have to do some cleaning up as I grow each and every day. How has social media influenced our lives and relationships with people so much? This has been weighing on my heart and mind heavily lately and the only question that I could come up with is “Are REAL friends in style?”

Social media influences our lives in many ways.. Not only does it take up over 8 hours a day EVERY day 😖 but it influences our behavior, attitudes and relationships. Hold up….

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Social media has changed our behavior. We may or may not purchase something based on the reviews, celebrity influence or amount of likes that it has. We began to judge people by how they portray themselves through their posts, tweets and pictures. “Screenshot GAME on a BEAN” (this me, sis) Do you send screenshots of what people post then have a full on discussion about what the person should or shouldn’t be doing? Gossiping has transformed from what you know or hear to what you “see” on social media. Our behaviors are changing ladies and gentlemen…. And it may be to late to change now because..

Our attitudes and relationships have changed as well. We think that our lives should be lived lavishly like the Kardashians or we should have #relationshipgoals like Beyonce’ and Jay Z. We don’t need to express our feelings to one another because we will throw shade on Twitter or Instagram. We don’t have to text our friends first because we can have a conversation with our Facebook friends or #shootourshot through Twitter DMs.

SO why isn’t “Social media” showing REAL friends?

I’m talking about the friends that express their feelings to you even though you may not agree. The friends that don’t let other people get in between them and always has each other backs. What happened to the friends that didn’t act 💯 one day and 25 the next? Where are they? What happened to girl dates, vacations, vision planning… like is it still in style? It’s funny(not really) how we can spend our time worrying about what else is going on in the world but are we fixing the relationships we have with the people in our life? Are we focusing on our “best friends” and making sure everything is solid and secure or is it too late?

  2. Don’t tolerate anyone that doesn’t make you happy.
  3. If a friend makes you question them more than once, drop them. (even if it hurts)
  4. Seek a real relationship and not relationshit with your friends. Do things. Go out. Pull up on one another. Have weekly/monthly dates.
  5. Show the world that #friendshipgoals isn’t a picture that is retweeted but a relationship that must be cherished.

I’m tired of feeling like I have to force my friendship onto people. I don’t want to feel like I’m the only one who wants to do stuff with friends besides gossiping. I want real FRIENDS and not “we cool today but idfwu like that tomorrow”. As I’m growing everyday into the woman that I hope to be, I’m not tolerating half ass relationships with ANYONE. Neither should you. Can we bring real friends back in style?

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  • Reply Courtney G

    P R E A C H ! Love this

    February 27, 2017 at 3:15 am
  • Reply Sally

    Wow! This spoke volumes Ms. Briyah!!! I can appreciate a blog that is transparent and that readers can actually benefit from. Thanks for sharing

    February 27, 2017 at 4:40 am
  • Reply (not the real) Beyonce

    Girl..You always deliver. This is so relevant to my life. I yearn for positive love filled relationships with people. Something so simple. yet so hard to obtain

    March 9, 2017 at 7:30 pm
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