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#BBB Lena Lashes

*Disclaimer* I was not paid to do this review and I purchased these product(s) with my own money.  All reviews are based solely on my opinion and has not been influenced in any way.

 The Bougie Black Business for March 2017 is “Lena Lashes”.  Lena Lashes is a cosmetic company that offers lashes, lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows and highlighters.  I began shopping with Lena Lashes in 2016 (before abougiegal came along) and I’ve slowly accumulated a great deal of products from them.  Recently I’ve purchased 10 lipsticks from them and their new lemonade highlighter palette(Sidenote: You missed a major sale sis! $15 for all of these products =STEAL 😎)

Lena LashesThe reason why I chose Lena Lashes because it is a company that has AHMAZIN products but they do have flaws as well. What’s perfect in the real world anyways? Exactly.  I believe that a business that is honest, provides quality products and strives to be successful in a dog eats cat world.. then WHY not support?

I’m not going to take you ALLLLL the way back to my 1st purchase from them but I will go back to my first purchase of 2017 🙂

On February 21st, they held a $1 liquid lipstick sale and boyyyy did I cop up! My order consisted of: Tried It, Purple rain, Wednesday, Purple Up, Dose Purple, Stephan, Sean, Marco, Laurent and Liam. All of the liquid lipsticks range from $12-$16 a piece.  $1 was a steal and it’s worth it. The “More Matte than Matte” (skinny tubes) are comfortable, long lasting, and dry fast. These are my go-to liquid lipsticks( I own about 8 other shades from them).  The Baby Matte lipsticks are bright! These are true to shade and also dries fast.  These comfortable formulas do transfer a tad bit though.

Lemonade Highlighter Palette

I loveeee highlighters. I absolutely love feeling the glow radiating from my skin and this palette will TAKE YOU THERE.  These item retails for $30 but is currently on sale for FIVE BUCKS. That’s right, $5.  It is super pigmented and looks great on dark skin.

Below is a pic of just ONE swipe of each highlighter. BTW this is a perf dupe to ABH highlighter palettes.

 My personal experiences with Lena Lashes are good and the only downfall that I can say is that the company has is the waiting period 😣   It took about two weeks for each order to come.  Fortunately, Lena Lashes has updated their processing time on their website so you are not only pre-warned by me but by the company as well.   Another thing that has piqued my interest lately is the social media use(aka customer service online edition) of the company… let’s just say I’m not so fond of the comments made on Instagram. There are tons of complaints of the waiting period(which is normal, I like to see what people are actually saying about a company) but some of the responses from the company kinda threw me off such as (You’re more than welcome to cancel your order) or things of that nature… but besides some training needed for customer service reps, this business is Bougie Gal approved!

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