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3 things to never feel ashamed of

You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy. These are three words that I repeat to myself constantly. I am worthy of everything that flows within me. I am worthy of everything that I deserve. I am worthy of everything that I am.   If you are reading this, you are WORTHY.

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As a worthy queen, there are three things that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of: your faith, skin tone and knowledge.


We live in a world where there are over 4,000 religions. 4,000 different religions and I am proud to serve God. As I’ve gotten older and more involved in my faith, there are often questions that arise and challenges brought on by others who wish to deter you from your journey. “Why do you believe in God?” “This isn’t real.” “How did a fire speak to a man?” Plenty of questions are always asked and provoking debates may stir your spirit but the best thing that you can do is: stand proud and simply say “As long as I believe in my faith, that’s all that matters”. Yes, stand proud. You don’t have to defend the reason WHY you love Jesus. You don’t have to defend the reason WHY you aspire to be the light in the world. You don’t have to defend the reason WHY Jesus gave Sarai a child at 90 years old. You DO NOT have to explain or ashamed of your God just because it isn’t easily accepted by others. Your faith is YOURS. Your faith is who you are. Even if you aren’t a Christian and believe in Islam, Buddhism, or even Taoism… stand proud.

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This may lead me to tears while writing this… so bare with me. As a dark skin women, it has taken me YEARS to become comfortable with my complexion (this is another post for another day) and I can tell you that your skin tone is beautiful baby girl. From the lightest of the sun to the darkest of the night, there is not a word that can be said, a picture that could be shared or a “like” that is almost automatic that can define the depth of your beauty.   When the summer months bring out the deepest of your melanin, embrace it. When the winter months require more shea butter, embrace it. When you feel like there is no one like you on social media being glorified, remember that you are loved. You are better than everything that the critics set you out to be. Your skin tone doesn’t define you but you can define it.

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Am I smart? Am I dumb? Do I really know as much as I think I do? Why don’t I understand? You can always enrich your knowledge when you feel as though you don’t know much. On the other hand, you can always rock out with what you know. Just because you may not know everything that your peers know doesn’t mean you aren’t smart or it doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to attain that knowledge as well.

Faith. Skin tone. Knowledge.

Faith.Skin tone. Knowledge.

Faith. Skin tone. Knowledge.

Never be ashamed.

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  • Reply Nataja Zanelle

    Girl! This was a WORD! Especially the section about embracing this sun-kissed melanin. So glad that we have arrived to a truth that has always been, dark skin is BEAUTIFUL. Keep inspiring the ladies who aren’t quite there <3

    April 7, 2017 at 6:04 am
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